Nov 8, 2022 11:00 AM

Everything to know about Web3

Today, we will discuss everything you need to know about Web3.0, the worthy successor to Web2.0, and Web1 which came before it. What precisely is it? What are the consequences? What dangers exist? How Superbots fits in with it and how can it help you? In the following we are tackling all your possibly arising questions! Let’s dive in!

…but what is Web3 exactly?

Web 3.0 is the third generation of the Internet, however it is still only a concept in development.

Its primary distinction is the decentralized data connections between them to provide a quicker and more individualized user experience.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, the semantic web, and the usage of the blockchain security system to protect users' personal information all contribute to making this feasible.

How would Web3 shape things?

Web3 proponents contend that a few number of powerful corporations, such as Amazon, Apple, Alphabet (the parent company of Google), or Meta (the parent company of Facebook), dominate too much of today's internet platforms. Without any genuine user control, these corporations have gathered a lot of personal information and material.

By developing a "decentralized" web where users may "transport" their data from one service to another, the goal is to return control to Internet users. The huge IT corporations are intended to be eliminated as middlemen by the Web3.

How do cryptos fit into all this?

The blockchain will be used to build Web3. This technology is utilized for more than just cryptocurrencies; it is also employed to complete transactions and manage how certain software programs operate (such as "DApp", or "decentralized applications").

For Web3, this would make it possible to create financial assets in the form of tokens to guarantee the smooth operation of each service. Therefore, user communities would run, own, and enhance the platforms.

Is it secure?

One of the main dangers of any protocol wishing to deploy web 3.0, and DeFi protocols in general, is cybercrime. These assaults may directly exploit a flaw in the code, enabling a hacker to get access through a backdoor and extract money.

Future web 3.0 will need to innovate in terms of security and transparency, much like DeFi 2.0. If there are such security problems, DeFi will never be widely used. There is little doubt that security needs to be improved if this industry is to draw institutional investment.

Is SuperBots secure?

In a nutshell, SuperBots is safe. All of the vaults had undergone a preliminary audit before the project ever got off the ground. Then, ImmuneFi has established a bug bounty that has not yet been triggered.

Finally, once Certik reviewed the solidity code of every vault and discovered nothing, you may use it with confidence.


Web2, the participatory web of the time, is logically followed by Web3. By taking ownership from the major digital companies, we advance our efforts to give people more control over their data and to promote transparency.

Web3 is still in its infancy, and several improvements will still be required for it to catch on because society isn't yet prepared for it.

A minor concern, which will undoubtedly come from the crypto community, is that a full Web3 framework will cause us to lose our anonymity, which will not be to everyone's taste.

You may use Web3 and its dapps to access automatic trading tools like SuperBots, which is just as safe as other options.

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