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So you’ve heard, or maybe have even tried already the powerful trading protocol SuperBots is, but you'd like to learn more about what makes it truly great? In this article we've got your back!

In the following we will dive into detail about the benefits of SuperBots, what the things called "vaults" are that you might have encountered, and whether it's safe to trade your money with them!

Buckle up, and get your notepads ready!

Why trade with SuperBots?

I assume everyone has heard of performance fees. SuperBots' business model is based on performance fees, although unlike some other strategies, this is determined after each transaction rather than after a month.

Simply put, you will pay performance fees if the transaction outcome is favorable and you are actually profitable with your funds. You won't be charged any fees until your capital is back in profit if the algorithm is in drawdown (SuperBots seldom experiences this, but it can happen).

What is a vault and how to trade with it?

The base currency and the quote currency are the two currencies used in the SuperBots' Vaults. The base currency for one of the vaults, WT BNB V2, is the BNB, while the quote currency is the BUSD. A separate trading technique on a different currency pair is represented by each vault. The vault in this instance stands for the WT V2 strategy on the BNB/BUSD pair.

It is relatively easy to begin utilizing a vault, but you must first link your Metamask wallet to the SuperBots program. You may then use either the base currency, BNB, or the quote currency, BUSD, to deposit money into the vault of your choice.

A Smart Contract that manages the automation of computations and the payment of performance and trading fees powers each vault. SuperBots will soon release the Super Vault, a vault that automatically assists in weekly portfolio rebalancing and keeps track of the best performing vaults.

How can I choose the right vault for me?

This is an excellent query that needs some introspection! The simplest solution would be to just suggest the one that offers the highest absolute return, but the situation is a little more complicated than that. The choice of a vault will rely on your risk tolerance and the trade-off between risk and reward, just like with any investment.

On SuperBots, we may use the maximum drawdown to assess the risk. We suggest WT BNB V2, one of our top-performing vaults, if you don't mind a 7% downside. We would recommend Ultimate Scalper V2 if you would like a strategy with a lesser drawdown as it has a drawdown of only 1.28%.

When you have a greater capital, such as $10,000 or more, diversifying among numerous vaults is still the wisest course of action. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, as they say. It seems sense to distribute your money throughout two to three vaults.

Are vaults safe?

As soon as the project was launched, we performed a smart contract audit for our vaults. We then established a bug bounty with ImmuneFi, which has not yet been turned on. The solidity code of our vaults was finally inspected once again to ensure there were no issues.

"Verify, don't trust," says the adage. For complete transparency, all of the smart contract security audit findings are made accessible for public inspection.


The vaults of SuperBots are your best option if you want to defeat the bear market. Without a relief pump, a bear market cannot exist, and SuperBots' techniques are designed to profit from that.

The vaults of the SuperBots are fully described above. Got m ore questions? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ.

Use SuperBots to handle your finest cryptocurrency deals without anxiety or emotion!

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