Arnaud Deblander
Aug 23, 2022 10:00 PM

DEXTEND by SuperBots is possibly the best kept secret amongst professionals in the world of crypto, until now! 

Simply put, DEXTEND is a decentralized trading solution based on the SuperBots protocol. It is designed to help professional funds and asset managers generate a passive income without the hassle of development work and finding or developing the most effective algorithms to help you accumulate high yields. In other words, DEXTEND is the white label solution of SuperBots. 

What is a white label solution? What are its benefits? 

Your branding and domain name, your way! We take care of the developing work of the trading interface from A to Z; including the vaults and algorithms so that you can focus on your customers. The best news? You can have your very own customized algorithmic trading platform in 30 days or less and start generating profit! 

Since DEXTEND is based on the SuperBots protocol, a decentralized algorithmic trading solution that is fully automatic, so is DEXTEND! This means everything is on blockchain and it is 100% transparent. You will be able to view your data, the evolution of your revenue and each trade of the vaults that the trading bots undertake, including the profits and losses of each trade. 

On top of that, each time when we make an update, your interface will benefit from it too. You will be able to stay up to date with the best vaults and algorithms available. 

One of the most important but often overlooked elements is a strong support system. We have that factored in and a complete support will be proposed to you, to help you achieve an easy and optimal management of your customers.

How do I generate revenue with DEXTEND? 

SuperBots is based on performance fees. When the bots are in profit, only then will users pay a 15% performance fee of the profit, converted to UBXT, the native tokens that power the SuperBots ecosystem. A part of this fee is distributed to the developer of the algorithms, a part to the staking pool and a part will be burned.

With your very own DEXTEND, you will be able to earn from the performance fee. You decide what is the percentage of performance fee to charge although we do recommend no more than 15%. In addition, if you so desire, you may also want to add secondary tiers of deposit and withdrawal fees to boost your passive income further. 

What is SuperBots? 

SuperBots is the decentralized trading solution developed by the Upbots team. The difference between Upbots and SuperBots is that while Upbots trades on Centralized Exchanges (CEXs), SuperBots trades on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). 

SuperBots is essentially a Web3 project, with algorithmic trading at its core. Its other verticals include the soon-to-be-launched NFT collection, the Bull & Bear Fight Club, Metaverse and Gaming. 

Upbots and Superbots are powered by its native tokens, UBXTs, which is a variable token and has plenty of utility built into it. 

How have the bots of SuperBots been performing? 

It is very easy to perform well during the bull market. The real challenge surfaces during the bear market. In fact, the bear market is an acid test of sorts in many ways.

SuperBots have been performing phenomenally during the bear market! Especially in the last 3 months (April to June), when the overall crypto market tanked, some of the bots such as the Ultimate Scalper, WT BNB V2, Moon Rocket BNB and Moon Rocket ETH bots accumulated more than 542% combined. Don’t take our words for it. Click on the links and verify it for yourself. 

With DEXTEND, you will have access to all these powerful algos. Not only will you be earning a passive income from the performance fees, your customers’ funds will work a lot harder, accumulating profits over time; resulting in happy customers and high retention.

Is SuperBots secure?

Security is our utmost concern and we have invested heavily into security due diligence at SuperBots. For a start, we have performed several audits with Solidproof with more to come. 

There is also an active Bounty Program in collaboration with Immunefi. The reward of this bounty program currently stands at $8,000 to be won if a vulnerability is to be detected. The bug bounty program is focused on preventing these issues on the SuperBots smart contracts and app: direct theft of any users’ funds, whether at-rest or in-motion (other than unclaimed yield), permanent freezing of funds, temporary freezing of funds for at least one day, manipulation of tokens representing shares.

Again, don’t trust but verify. The audits and bounty are accessible for all to check. 

A permanent monitoring of the transactions is also made and several security measures have been put in place to ensure maximum transparency, high level of security and peace of mind for the SuperBots users. 

How do I get started with DEXTEND?

As you know, DEXTEND, our whitelabel solution works the same way as our main platform, SuperBots.

To get started, you need to create a Metamask wallet, which takes no more than a few minutes to set up in your navigator. Once this is done, you will then need to deposit funds into your wallet in order to use one of our vaults.

We have several vaults that use either BNB, wBTC or wETH against the BUSD. At SuperBots you can choose to deposit to a vault using the base currency, BNB for example or using the quote currency, BUSD.

Once you have funds in your wallet, all you have to do is choose a vault and deposit funds to it. What happens next? After that it's done, the vault will open and close the positions for you, you don't have to do anything else.


To be short, DEXTEND enables you to leverage the success and good performance of our trading bots and vaults, without any development work from your part, to earn an attractive recurring income; allowing you to focus on marketing objectives and grow your clients’ funds with results and peace of mind.

DEXTEND has not officially launched but we already have signed three partnerships across the globe with professional funds, asset managers and Influencers. 

If you are interested on partnering with us a white label solution, please contact our business developer by mail: [email protected] or on Telegram @Sally_4C.