Arnaud Deblander
Aug 26, 2022 8:00 AM

We have all heard about it, it was born from the development of crypto-currencies but especially from its underlying technology, the blockchain.

Indeed if many of us still see the crypto as a simple way to make money, the implications on the innovation that the blockchain has had in our current and future life is considerable. 

Today we are going to tackle together the burning topic of web3.0, worthy successor of web2.0 and web1 before it! What is it exactly? What are the implications? What are the risks? How Superbots is part of it and can be beneficial for you? We will answer all these questions today!

Are you ready for it? Let's get started!

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 may seem far away. But it is already here! Web 3.0, although it is still a concept under development, can be defined as the third generation of the Internet.

Its main difference is the interconnection of data between them in a decentralized way to offer a faster and more personalized user experience.

This is made possible by artificial intelligence, machine learning, the semantic web, and the use of the blockchain security system to keep users' personal information safe.

What would this Web3 bring?

Web3 advocates argue that online platforms today are too centralized and controlled by a handful of large companies, such as Amazon, Apple, Alphabet (Google's parent company) or Meta (Facebook's parent company). These companies have amassed large amounts of personal data and content without users having any real control over it.

The idea is to give power back to Internet users by creating a "decentralized" web, where they can "transport" their data from one service to another. The Web3 aims to eliminate the intermediaries that are the big tech companies.

What about cryptos in all this?

Web3 is and will be built on the blockchain. This technology is not only used for cryptocurrencies, it is also used to conclude contracts or control the functioning of applications (such as "DApp", or "decentralized applications").

In the case of Web3, this would allow the creation of financial assets, in the form of tokens, to ensure the internal functioning of each service. The platforms would therefore be operated, owned and improved by communities of users.

What about the security?

As in all new things, web 3.0 is far from perfect and it still has some flaws especially in terms of security.

Cyber-attacks are indeed one of the major risks of any protocol willing to implement web 3.0, and DeFi protocols as a whole. These attacks can take the form of a vulnerability in the code directly, allowing a hacker to enter through a backdoor and steal funds.

In the future, just like DeFi 2.0, web 3.0 will have to innovate on transparency and security. DeFi can never become mainstream if such security flaws exist. If this sector is to attract institutional capital, security will have to increase, that's for sure.

What about Upbots?

Basically, it's a solution that allows you to follow the signals of trading algorithms, all in DeFi and working on the basis of Smart Contract. The project has just been launched, since it is one of the side project of the first product "UpBots". In (really) short SuperBots is the decentralized version of Upbots

But not only…

To be specific, SuperBots is essentially a Web3 project, with algorithmic trading at its core. Its other verticals include the soon-to-be-launched NFT collection, the Bull & Bear Fight Club, Metaverse and Gaming. 

Superbots is powered by its native tokens, UBXTs, which is a variable token and has plenty of utility built into it. 

Is SuperBots secure?

In short, yes SuperBots is secure! A first audit had been done at the very beginning of the launch of the project for all the vaults vaults. Then a bug bounty with ImmuneFi has been set up, which has not been activated yet.

Finally, the solidity code of all the vaults has been audited by certik and nothing has been found, you can then use it with a peace of mind.


Web3 is the logical continuation of Web2, which was then the participative web. Here we go further with a control of the data by the users and an increased transparency by taking back the control to the big companies of the tech.

Nevertheless, the Web3 is only at its beginning and many innovations will still be necessary for it to become mainstream, the society not being ready for that yet.

A small criticism maybe, and this one will surely come from the crypto community, is that we will surely lose our anonymity in a full Web3 framework, which will not please everyone.

Web3 and its dapps also allow you to take advantage of automatic trading solutions like SuperBots, which is just as secure as other blockchain applications!

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