Arnaud Deblander
Jul 19, 2022 7:00 AM

Why SuperBots is your answer to accumulate profits (even during the bear market!)

This may be the last thing you want to hear, yet again—yes, we are in a bear market. This is a certainty and everyone is aware (unless they have been on a mountain retreat for the past two months). In a context like this, it can be difficult to know how to not lose money at first and then make money. Today we will answer these questions together, are you ready? Let's get started!

Overview of the crypto market

The bad news is piling up and the market is falling, although for the moment BTC is managing to stay above the $19200 level. If the latter were to be broken, nothing would prevent BTC from reaching the fateful $13,000 or even $10,000 zone. Given the extreme fear present in the market, it is very likely that a capitulation event will take place and bring us closer to these technical thresholds.

In the last two months, May and June, if you “buy & Hold”, you would know that Bitcoin has lost almost 50% of its value, which is huge just in the space of two months. If we take the perspective of Bitcoin’s ATH, it is even worse— with a 70% drop. Of course, BTC is not the only one to suffer the full force of this and if we look at corners like BNB and ETH, the results are just as striking with 40% and 60% loss in the last two months respectively.

At SuperBots, if you have been following our trades, you would know that our Vaults have been helping our investors and traders accumulate profits, even when the crypto market started to plunge hard—especially between April to June 2022. 

In our previous articles, you know that SuperBots uses vaults. Each of these vaults consists of an algo that follows a different strategy, based on a specific trading pair. For example WT BNB V2 which shows a nice performance of more than 20% is 60% above the market. Another one, Moonrocket ETH is showing more than 8% gain over the same period of time which is 68% above the market. Not to mention, the Ultimate Scalper V2 vault, accumulated more than 30% between April and June. All these performance results are transparent. You can check them out here, under the “View Stats” tab.

What possibilities do you have (bear market included)?

There are many ways to make money in the crypto market and here are some of them:


This is the easiest way to invest in the financial market, just buy and never sell. For some people who have been trading BTC for a long time (more than 5 years, minimum), this is indeed an extremely profitable strategy. This of course, comes with a lot of endurance and perseverance and provided, you never needed the funds that you used to buy the crypto with. 

Nevertheless, for those who would have entered at the top, it is a painful way to learn the reality of market cycles. It is still a good way to do and accumulate in times of decline if you can control your emotions. Especially true when no one is able to catch the highest high and the lowest low to determine when is a good time to buy in. 

Staking or lending

This approach was very successful during the 2021 bull run but as we have seen lately, the DeFi sector is still suffering from a liquidity crisis, which increases risk and uncertainty. It is certainly a good way to diversify your investment but we urge you to do it with the utmost caution.

Manual Trading

The real money is made in trading which we are sure you might have known by now. If you have the skills or the time, this is certainly a great way to make money in the market. But it requires training and it is time consuming and sometimes expensive. After all, there are a lot of trials and lessons to be learned! 

Automatic Trading: 

You can also put your money into an automatic trading solution like SuperBots with its many vaults that outperform the market. The real challenge is to find an automatic trading solution that outperforms the market during both bull and bear trends—this is possibly the hardest to do yet SuperBots have proven its prowess to accumulate profits even when market dumps! 

Why is SuperBot performing well?

SuperBot works well because the strategies used are selected with great care. Is every trade a success? Of course not and if you are one of those who have expectations like this, trading and the financial markets are not for you.

All of our strategies have undergone a battery of tests before being put to the test in real conditions. Only after these two steps, if successful, is a strategy available to clients. 

At the moment, SuperBots trade on long only strategy, with plans to add leverage trading in the future. The strategies are trend following and they are designed to help you accumulate profits during both the bull and bear markets! 

For those newcomers to the crypto and trading scene, you may wonder: “Why are the SuperBots vaults making money while the “Buy & Hold” crypto market is suffering a major loss?” Well, this is part of trading—the line during a bear market (just like a bull’s) is not linear! It is not a straight line down south. There will be pockets of rebounces and the algorithms of SuperBots are superb at catching these opportunities. 

Which of the SuperBots’ Vaults to choose?

At the time of writing this, there are a total of 9 vaults in SuperBots. Which one should you go for? It depends on your risk appetite and performance history. One of the easiest ways is to choose the vaults with the best performance, as long as it fits in your risk criteria. A good measure to help you decide if teh vault is for you is to look at the maximum drawdown. And this, you can find on the SuperBots interface

The SuperBots vaults do more than just help you trade crypto on decentralized platforms. Since the vaults are powered by smart contracts, everything operates on full automation. From the conversion of the right token to trade to payment of performance and trading fees and division of performance fees. 

Did we mention that the best part about SuperBots is that you do not need to pay a subscription fee? If the vaults are not in profit, there is nothing to pay. You only pay a 15% performance fee if the trade is in profits. With this performance fee, a part is being given as a reward to the algo developer, a part to the staking pool of UBXT tokens and a part to burning. 


Just because we are going through the bear market, it does not mean that you have to put up with losses; albeit impermanent losses. Let’s face it—high drawdowns can be painful and waking up everyday to see your portfolio dwindling, with no certainty when the market will recover, can be excruciating.  On the other hand, there is something you can do about it—allocate a percentage of your investment into SuperBots and try it out. You can join the SuperBots investors who have been enjoying their sweet profits and enjoy a joyride, even during the bear market!

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